Accessories That Take Production To The Next Level!
Improve Optical Performance By Using The Supplies That are Customized For Your Scanner!


The AZTEK® PREMIER™ and PLATEAU Mounting Stations are designed with high impact Lexan.  The rollers are specifically manufactured with materials to withstand the use of KAMI Film Mounting Fluids.  Film mounting with the AZTEK Mounting Stations is quicker and easier than other alternative film scanning method. The film is automatically cleaned and mounted in one step, where the grain emulsion of the film is filled with the mounting fluid which both increases color fidelity and optical acuity. The AZTEK Drum Mounting Stations are also available for the AZTEK Digital PhotoLab 8000, Howtek SM4500, Sprint and HR8000 Scanners.    


Additional glass trays for the PLATEAU Scanner and drums for Premier Scanners can substantially assist productivity by having film preparation taking place concurrently with scanning.  All AZTEK removable drums and glass trays are made of optically clear materials and for the specific scanners to the same specifications as the original scanning surface supplied with the scanners.


AZTEK offers with the purchase of a new scanner a complete “Optical Mounting Kit” including the appropriate mounting station and initial startup supplies for your scanner.  Once in production AZTEK offers all of the supplies:   mounting solutions, cleaner, acetate overlays, tape, cleaning cloths, drum polishing compounds, belts, calibration strips and bulbs to keep production flowing. Click Here to learn more about AZTEK's Professional KAMI scanner solutions & consumables

PREMIER Optical Mounting Kit:
Mounting Station, Kami Mounting Fluid, KAMI Drum Cleaner, Kami Tape, Tesa Tape & Scanner Wipes
PLATEAU Optical Mounting Kit: Mounting Station, 2nd Removable Glass Tray, Fluid, KAMI Drum Cleaner, Kami Tape, Tesa Tape & Scanner Wipes
Mounting Products:
Kami Mounting Fluid, Kami Drum & KAMI Glass
Cleaner, KAMI Film Cleaner, KAMI Tape, Tesa Tape

Mounting Acetate: AZ-42 Mylar Film
Drum Scanner Consumables:
Belts, Bulbs, and Wear Pads & Calibration Strips
Spare & Extra Drums:
Reconditioned Drums:
Howtek SM4500, D4000, HR8000/Sprint and SM6500/7500
Drum Scanner Mounting Stations:
AZTEK Premier, AZTEK DPL8000, Howtek SM4500,    Sprint & HR8000
Flatbed Scanner Mounting Stations:   AZTEK Plateau
Polishing Supplies:       Drum Polishing compounds



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