RIP Solutions

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RIP Solutions

Enhance your printers ability by adding a RIP solution. RIP software such as the Color Burst RIP add to the functionality of the printer by adding ability and control beyond the printer's driver. Primarily the ability to deal with postscript data which is generated when using layout software such as Quark or Adobe Illustrator. There are also enhanced features such as more control over calibrations and profiles. The below versions of the ColorBurst RIP offer different levels of control and features. The ColorBurst RIP supports both MAC and PC environments, note there are features such as nesting that are available only in the PC version of the RIP.



ColorBurst RIP Comparison Chart
Pricing and Features

PRICING   Effective 10/1/04   LE 4000   X·Photo   X·Proof   Pro   PrePress   ProLab
Epson Stylus® Pro 4000 only (17" wide)   $495                    
Printers up to 17" wide       $695   $795   $995        
Printers up to 24" wide       $995   $1,095   $1,495   $1,895    
Printers up to 60" wide       $1,495   $1,595   $1,995   $2,695    
Printers up to 72" wide/Licensed for 2 printers               $2,995   $3,795    
Printers up to 72" wide/Licensed for 1 photo printer and 2 inkjet printers                       $6,995
FILE MANAGEMENT AND PRINTING   LE 4000   X·Photo   X·Proof   Pro   PrePress   ProLab
PostScript® Language Level 3 Compatible Raster Image Processor (RIP) based on the Jaws RIP by Global Graphics Software            
RIP, color correct, and print on-the-fly            
True 4, 6, 7, and 8 channel printing            
8 channel printing, including Hi-Fi (CMYKOG)    
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
Print Spooling via Bonjour (IP Protocol, twice as fast as AppleTalk)            
Print directly from your applications, including Quark XPress®, InDesign®, and Photoshop®            
Job Manager            
Built-in "Hot Folder" for drag-and-drop printing across networks            
Up to 50 print queues with automatic best fit for scatter proofs            
TCP/IP direct printing            
USB support            
Firewire support  
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
FILE SUPPORT   LE 4000   X·Photo   X·Proof   Pro   PrePress   ProLab
Postscript Language Level 1, 2, and 3 support for PS, EPS, and PDF files, including multipage files and JPEG compression            
CMYK, RGB, Lab, and color-mapped TIFF files, including LZW compression, and CMYK and RGB JPEG files            
RTL raster files            
16-bit TIFF files                      
Targa and Scitex Handshake CT            
Pre–separated files            
See product pages for specific models
  LE 4000   X·Photo   X·Proof   Pro   PrePress   ProLab
Epson   4000 only          
Encad, HP, Roland    
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
LightJet and Lambda RGB film recorders            
COLOR MANAGEMENT   LE 4000   X·Photo   X·Proof   Pro   PrePress   ProLab
ColorBurst High Quality screening            
Completely neutral black and white prints — no metamerism            
Pre–configured Linearization and ICC profiles            
Automatic color correction utilzing the Kodak Digital Sciences ICC Engine  
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
Automatic color correction utilzing the ColorSync ICC Engine  
(Mac only)
(Mac only)
(Mac only)
CSE ColorTrack Color Management — Completely eliminates the speckled effect from using ICC Profiles    
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
Built-in ICC Profile Creator for custom CMYK and CMYKLCLM (Light Cyan Light Magenta) profiles            
Ablility to relinearize profiles using a spectrophotometer            
Total Ink Limit and Black Preservation with full black channel control            
Bezier Curves with Light Ink Conversion            
Separate RGB, CMYK, and Grayscale Input Profiles            
Separate Input profiles for CMYK/RGB Vector and Image    
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
Use embedded profiles option            
CMYK Output Profiles support            
RGB Output Profiles support            
Output simulation for pre-press            
Proof up to 30 color separations            
Shows traps and overprint for CMYK or Black Text Only            
ColorBurst's AutoSpot™ technology for optimized PANTONE® colors            
PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS   LE 4000   X·Photo   X·Proof   Pro   PrePress   ProLab
Scale images            
Layout with automatic "best fit" nesting            
Image Preview in Layout            
Step and Repeat            
Image display with zoom    
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
Rotate images            
Crop images    
(Windows only)
(Windows only)
Tile images with trim marks and image bleed            
Create straight and contour cut paths (Roland)            
Create i-Cut CUT files, including contour paths            


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